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A responsible approach to hiking

Because the preservation of nature must be the hiker's priority, we have listed 4 important rules to know before embarking on the adventure.

The charter also helps to protect nature, to offer the minimum of security for those who decide to venture on this long hiking route. The 4 golden rules of the HexaTrek charter are as follows:


Be ready !

  • Find out about extreme weather conditions, fire dangers and other exceptional events

  • Equip yourself accordingly, your house will be your backpack

  • Keep your bag light. You will thank this rule every 1000 meters of altitude difference.

  • Before going beyond your limits, be sure to know them.

Be a good camper

  • If you find traces of an old bivouac, do not create a new location, reuse it.

  • Use durable surfaces to set up his tent. (Rock, Gravel, dry grass, eroded soil, snow..)

  • Protect waterways by camping at least 100 meters from lakes and streams.

  • When leaving a bivouac place, take care to leave two things behind. First: nothing Second: his thanks.

Be the protector of nature.

  • Walk only on the trails, biodiversity surrounds you.

  • Leave the animals. Don't follow them, don't approach them, don't feed them.

  • Reduce your sound volume, nature listens to you and noise is not its friend.

Be Clean

  • Nature is not a trash can, whatever you take with you should stay with you.

  • Nature is not a bathroom, All your human waste must be buried.

  • Nature is not a florist, the plants found there are not take

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