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Hiking with your dog: The Complete Guide

It is not always easy to know the regulations limiting access to dogs. Between a reserve and the heart of a national park, the official HexaTrek route is only 80% passable with your dog.

Find here the complete guide to preparing for the hexatrek with your dog, the route that we recommend as well as feedback from the first person to have hiked this trail accompanied by the now legendary canine: Thrall!

Hiking Trail Modification

The trace made available includes modifications or dogs are not allowed in the following places:

- Ballon Comptois Reserve (Stage 1)
- Sixt-Fer-a-Cheval Reserve (Stage 2)
- Aiguilles Rouges Reserve (Stage 2)
- Vanoise National Park (Stage 2)

- Ecrins National Park (Stage 3)
- Vercors Reserve (Stage 3)
- Tarn Gorges (Stage 4)
- Mantet Reserve (Stage 5)
- Reserve PY (Stage 5)
- Eyne Reserve (Stage 5)
- Neouvielle Reserve (Stage 6)
- Pyrenees National Park (Stage 6)

In a few words

Hexatrek Canin is an unforgettable hike through the majestic mountains of France, designed so that you and your faithful four-legged companion can explore breathtaking landscapes together while respecting the nature that surrounds you.

When walking, keep your dog under control, whether on a leash or with your voice. This ensures the safety of other hikers, wildlife and your dog himself. In addition, make sure that you do not disturb local wildlife by staying on the marked trails. Next, think about your dog's safety.

Make sure he is healthy and fit to undertake the hike. Carry enough water for both of you and plan regular breaks to allow your companion to rest and drink.

The Hexatrek Canin is an extraordinary adventure, but it requires a shared responsibility to preserve the beauty and tranquility of the landscapes crossed. By following these simple rules, you help preserve these magnificent places for all those who come after you, while enjoying an unforgettable adventure with your dog.

Tolerated zones

On this route dedicated to dogs, we have only listed the places where dogs are strictly prohibited!


On this trail, there are also many areas where dogs are tolerated provided they are kept on a leash.

You will find these indications directly at the entrance to the reserves or places concerned


In the Alps and the Pyrenees, there are many passages where the presence of a patou or shepherd dog may force you to modify your route.

You can find out about the best ways to act and react to this type of situation on the internet or on the Floriant & Thrall available on this page.

You will find a list of referenced and located pastures on this site:

Alternative Routes

In addition to the GPX which you can integrate into any hiking application, we always advise you to use the mobile application to have alternative routes, difficult passages, resupply locations, water sources, points of interest, etc.

FYI: The alternative route of the HRP in the Pyrenees is authorized for dogs.

Find the download links for the application on our home page:


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