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If you feel like adding a few meters of elevation to the 140,000 m already there on the classic path, discover the alternative routes of the HexaTrek which takes you closer to the summits.

Here is our top 10 peaks over 3000m accessible from the HexaTrek


Aiguilles Rouges - Stage 2

The Buet, a majestic giant of rock and snow, emerges like a haughty sentinel in the setting of the Alps. At 3096 meters above sea level, it poses a challenge, an invitation to those who aspire to brave the limits of altitude.

Nicknamed the Mont-Blanc des Dames, the Buet is not a simple stroll, but an adventure reserved for intrepid souls.

1. Le Mont Buet (3096 m)

Stage 2 - Vanoise

La Pointe de l'Observatoire, the ethereal jewel of Vanoise, stands like a proud guardian in this alpine kingdom. At 3,011 meters above sea level, this peak offers views embracing lush green valleys and soaring peaks.At its summit, a natural observatory, offered by nature, reveals the infinite beauty of the French Alps

2. Pointe de l'Observatoire (3031 m)

Stage 3 - Les Cerces

This legendary summit at 3,178 meters between Savoie and Hautes-Alpes offers a breathtaking view of Queyras, Écrins, Grandes Jorasses, Grande Casse, Mont Pourri...

Certainly one of the most accessible and also one of the favorite summits of hexatrekkers.

3. Le Mont Thabor (3 178 m)

Etape 3 - Maurienne

A 3000 revealing a very complete 360° panorama, over the Ecrins, the Grandes Rousses, Savoie, Mont Blanc and the Aiguilles d'Arves.

Facing La Meije, the Pic du Mas de La Grave imposes its presence in the landscape. Its lofty appearance and its 3020 m height block the long Buffe valley. To its left, the Col des Trente Combes opens the gates of Savoie. It is never more beautiful and majestic than at sunset. 

4. Le Pic du Mas de la Grave (3 020 m)

Stage 5 - Pyrénées Ariègeoises

The Montcalm peak, proud representative of the Ariège Pyrenees, sits majestically at 3,077 meters, offering the first panorama over 3,000 meters from the Mediterranean. Dominating the Vicdessos valley, its silhouette stands out clearly, visible for kilometers around.

A true Pyrenean icon, it attracts adventurers eager to contemplate the splendor of the French and Catalan landscapes. Its ascent is a popular quest, offering as a reward a grandiose view, a harmony between two cultures, a breathtaking natural spectacle at the top of the peaks.

5. Le Montcalm (3 077 m)

Stage 5 - HRP

The Tuc de Molières, pearl of the Hispanic Pyrenees, stands on the border between Aragon and Catalonia. Nestled in the hollow of a bewitching valley, it reveals an unparalleled panorama of the majestic Aneto massif.

Each step towards its summit reveals the dazzling beauty of the Pyrenean landscapes, a visual symphony where imposing peaks, green valleys and infinite horizons mingle.

6. Tuc de molieres (3011m)

Stage 6 - Reserve de Néouvielle

The peak of Néouvielle, or peak of Aubert, is a summit ofPyrenees French in theNéouvielle massif. It is the fourth highest peak in the 3,000 areaNéouvielle-Pic Long with 3 091 m.

The Peak, similar to a granite tooth that plunges 8 kilometers deep, is nestled in the heart of an exceptional natural park. Splendid panoramas all along this ascent.

7 - Le pic de Neouvielle (3091 m)

Stage 6 - Parc des Pyrénées

The peak of Taillon, or the Taillon, is a summit located on theFrench-Spanish border in theMont Perdu massif.

It is considered one of the easiest 3,000 m of theGavarnie circus. Only the last part from the finger of theFalse Breach is a little steep but never technically difficult when there is no snow.

The panorama from the summit is grandiose, offering a view of theMont Perdu massif, THEVignemale massif, THENéouvielle massif, THEBalaïtous and thePic du Midi de Bigorre when the weather is nice.

8 - Le Taillon (3144 m)

Stage 6 - Parc des pyrénées

The Petit Vignemale, a Pyrenean eminence at 3,032 meters, reveals its grace in the Pyrenees national park. Although less imposing than its predecessor, it nonetheless offers an exhilarating climb. Its winding path reveals breathtaking views of the massif and its enchanting valleys. Each step on its steep sides promises an adventure woven with challenges and wonder.

At the summit, the panorama displays all the splendor of the Pyrenees.

The eyes embrace the horizon, captivated by the majesty of the surrounding peaks, while the green valleys are revealed below. Sparkling lakes punctuate this breathtaking scene.

9. Le Petit Vignemale (3032 m)

Stage 6 - Balaitous

THE “3000” of the Marcadau valley! A major climb which offers a magnificent panorama at the summit.

The Grande Fache also marks in the North-South direction, the last 3000 accessible from the path, a good opportunity to say goodbye to the Pyrenees one last time

10. La Grande Fâche (3005 m)

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