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Parc du Ballon des Vosges

Hiking in the Ballon des Vosges regional park

With the Hautes-Vosges at its heart, the Ballons des Vosges Regional Nature Park plunges into the valleys of Alsace, Lorraine and the Franc-Comté region. The plateau of the Thousand Ponds in Haute-Saône is the second great natural wealth crossed by the hexatrek.
A land of encounters, conducive to contemplation as well as hiking

The most beautiful lakes and landscapes of the Ballon des Vosges

It is one of the largest and most populated of the French regional nature parks

Its forests, ponds, rocky cliffs, waterfalls, lakes and rivers, its thatches and peat bogs offer fantastic landscapes and a beautiful setting for its fauna and flora.

We have selected a list of unmissable places to visit on the HexaTrek

The White Lake

A few short kilometres are enough to reveal the beauty of the high altitude landscapes. The ridge path will lead you to the natural terrace of the Lac Blanc. 

What awaits you is a view of the lake and its rocky walls, the valley, the expanse of the Alsace plain, the Black Forest and sometimes the Bernese Alps.

Lake Schieesrothried

The Schiessrothried lake is located at 930 metres above sea level between the Spitzekoepfe and the foot of the Hohneck.

The ascent to the Wormspel is the difficult part to reach the viewpoint but the efforts will be justly rewarded.

Lac des perches

Located in an ancient glacial cirque, at an altitude of 1000 m, the Lac des Perches is a must on the route.

Its birth would result from volcanic phenomena, this authentic place is accessible only on foot which makes it a very preserved site

Other lakes such as the Neuweiher lakes are nearby if your legs allow it!

The Grand Ballon

The Grand Ballon (also called Ballon de Guebwiller) is the highest point of the Vosges massif.

From the top of its 1424m, it is the king of the route des crêtes. 

Its idyllic landscapes and its view of the surrounding area make it a must on the HexaTrek

Where to sleep in the Vosges ballon, Bivouac and unguarded refuges.

The pleasure of simple things, a small stone and wood chalet, a wood stove, a fountain outside, the forest next door, the calm and ... a magnificent view for moments out of time.

That's what we want and that's what we'll get on the HexaTrek and its crossing of the Vosges balloon.

Incredible place where you will find magnificent chalets of type fuste maintained in great part by the Club Vosgien.

Chalet Wasserfall (Club Vosgien)

Chalet located above the lake of Alfeld with a beautiful view on the Doller valley. Inside you will find a stove for heating (use with care and turn off before departure).

Haute Bers (Club Vosgien)

Close to the Lac des Perches and the Grand and Petit Neuweiher, this shelter is one of the 10 "fuste" type chalets in the Doller valley.

Large table, bench and, of course, a stove to spend the night!

Storkenkopf shelter

The Storkenkopf is the second highest peak in the Vosges just after the Grand Ballon. It culminates at 1366 metres. On its wooded slopes, hinds and chamois often take refuge and the Storkenkopf refuge will be a strategic place to spend the night and admire them.

Stahlberg shelter (Club Vosgien)

Yet another unguarded and free access refuge in the region set up by the Club Vosgien.

The construction of this hut is of the "Norwegian fuste" type and is very well done. 

The view on the volcanic massif of Vogelstein is very beautiful.

Refuge du Brézouard (Club Vosgien)

Following a participative construction site with high school students, this place has received a new beauty in 2021. 

A magnificent place that every hiker should respect.

On the ground floor, a large table and 2 benches that can accommodate a dozen people and of course, the famous wood stove appreciated by all!

Refuge des 3 fours (FFCAM)

Between the Schlucht pass and the Hohneck, the Trois Fours hut is located on a large flat area of "chaumes" with a particularly beautiful view over the Munster valley and the Alsace plain. 

An outpost to discover the Frankenthal-Missheimle national nature reserve. 

Schiessrothried Refuge

The chalet is located on the banks of the Schiessrotried lake,

Ideally situated on the lake, the refuge allows hikers to stop and spend the night in the heart of the Honneck massif.  

It has a total capacity of 40 places in three dormitories


Club Vosgien is partner of the HexaTrek

Whether it's a simple bench, a picnic table, a shelter or even a refuge shawl, you will come across many facilities maintained by the Club Vosgien and their volunteers. Through their trails and their markings of a unique quality in France, you will discover the Vosges mountains and their historical and cultural wealth as well as their remarkable biodiversity.


Hexatrek - The French thru hiking trail

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