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Top 10 Thru-Hike au monde

Top 10 best long distance hikes in the world

Long-distance trails inspire conflicting tales of solitude and camaraderie, of deserted riverbeds and mountain plateaus, of pleasure and pain.
The idea of walking thousands of miles is itself hardly believable. Perhaps that's what makes these adventures so memorable.

In this article you will find 10 of the HexaTrek team's favourite trails

Top 5 best long distance hikes in Europe

Va Sentiero (Italy)

Between 2019 and 2021, the Va' Sentiero expedition explored and documented the entire trail on foot to create a digital guide available to all, with maps, tracks, technical and cultural information, photos, videos....

4 young Italians have worked hard to revive this trail, a crossing of the whole of Italy, 7850 km for 350,000 m of vertical drop

See the website

Via Alpina (Alps)

If you swear by the Alps, then this trail is for you! 

The Via Alpina is a network of 5 hiking routes through the eight countries of the Alps, more than 5000 km and 342 stages

Most of the 5 different routes, identified by colour codes, are in Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and France. You will also pass through Liechtenstein, Germany and Monaco.

See the map of the route

Jordan Trail (Jordan)

The Jordan Trail is a long-distance hiking trail in Jordan that links Jordan from Um Qais in the north to Aqaba in the south. It offers 40 days of hiking over 675 kilometres and passes through 75 villages and towns along the way. 

In the greenest part of Jordan, the hills and canyons are full of ruins of many ancient civilizations. 

Hot springs, huge ancient olive trees, caves, mysterious prehistoric structures, Roman cities and pioneering community tourism villages are just some of the attractions of this trail.

Website and mobile application available

Via Dinarica

The Via Dinarica is a mega trail that stretches from Albania to Slovenia. Most of the trail runs diagonally from south-east to north-west. The Bosnia-Herzegovina section is perhaps the sexiest of all. The mountains here offer superb hiking with dozens of challenging routes that start as low as 200m and climb to rugged karst peaks well over 2,200m. 

To the north lies the remote valley of the Blidinje Nature Park, where hikers, cyclists and skiers come together to pay homage to the wonders of nature. This is truly the 'Wild West' of Herzegovina.

Read more about the Via Dinarica

Transcaucassian trail (Georgia)

The homepage of their website has the merit of being clear "We are building a world class hiking trail through the Caucasus, Join us".

Following the Greater and Lesser Caucasus, this trail connects about 20 national parks and protected areas in the region.

Bordering Europe, Asia and the Middle East, the region known as the Caucasus, South Caucasus or Transcaucasus is one of the most biologically, culturally and linguistically diverse regions in the world, yet few have had the opportunity to explore it. 

The TCT has been in active development since 2015, and the momentum of the movement is growing rapidly.

Much of the trail is already walkable! 

For more information click here

Top 5 best long distance hikes in the world

Pacific crest trail (USA)

The mythical, the fantastic, the unpresentable, the pacific crest trail ! 

Victim of its success following the production of the movie "Wild", it is often the first on the list of new thru hikers 

The Pacific Crest Trail stretches over 4,265 kilometers, from Mexico to Canada, passing through California, Oregon and Washington State.

It reveals the beauty of the desert, unfolds the glacial expanses of the Sierra Nevada, passes through deep forests and offers breathtaking views of the volcanic peaks of the Cascade Range. This trail symbolizes everything there is to love - and protect - about the Western United States.

Te Araroa (New Zealand)

One of the newest long-distance trails, the Te Araroa Trail officially opened in 2011. Meaning "long way" in Maori, Te Araroa lets you experience the best New Zealand has to offer. You'll traverse lush forests, follow country roads and tackle challenging scree while soaking up some of the world's most beautiful scenery, which includes sandy beaches, lush rainforests, active volcanoes and glacial lakes.

Great Himalayan Trail (Nepal - India)

We're a bit out of Europe, but we couldn't finish this list without talking about the GHT!

2 Itineraries, the Lower-Route and the High-Route stretching the entire length of the Himalayas, crossing ancient kingdoms and extraordinary mountains, the Great Himalaya Trail is unlike any other trek. 

The world's highest long-distance hike, humble hospitality, inspiring wilderness, spectacular trails, a Himalayan adventure from which trekkers all return with a wealth of stories of epic moments.


Continental Divide Trail

The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail (CDT) is more than just a line on a map: it's a living museum of the American West, a place to reconnect with nature, and a unifying force that brings together people from all walks of life.

The Continental Divide Trail (3,000 miles) crosses the country from coast to coast, following the Continental Divide along the Rocky Mountains through Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico. It is the highest, most difficult and most remote of the Triple Crown treks.


Ruta de los Parques (Patagonia)

This scenic route stretches over 2600 km between Puerto Montt and Cape Horn, crossing 17 national parks

Even though this route was primarily designed as a road, people who venture on foot easily admit that it is one of the most beautiful hiking routes ever taken.

Patagonia has that magic of being cut off from the world, and even if you are 50% on a dirt road, you only have to look up to forget that you are on a road.



Club Vosgien is partner of the HexaTrek

Whether it's a simple bench, a picnic table, a shelter or even a refuge shawl, you will come across many facilities maintained by the Club Vosgien and their volunteers. Through their trails and their markings of a unique quality in France, you will discover the Vosges mountains and their historical and cultural wealth as well as their remarkable biodiversity.


Hexatrek - The French thru hiking trail

United States has the Pacific Crest Trail, New Zealand has the Te Araroa, it was time to give France a trail that would hike all the beauty and diversity of its landscapes! A team of true enthusiasts are launching the HexaTrek in 2022: 3,000 km of trails through the mountains!

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Top 10 Thru-Hike in the world

Long-distance trails inspire conflicting tales of solitude and camaraderie, of deserted riverbeds and mountain plateaus, of pleasure and pain.
The idea of walking thousands of miles is itself hardly believable. Perhaps that is what makes these adventures so memorable.


Thru Hike and long distance hiking

"Nobo", "thru-hiker", a "zero", but what are all these anglicisms? In the world of long-distance hiking, many terms appear on the forums. The French academy is slowly dying in the face of this plethora of terminology, but you, humble hikers, would like to know what all these terms mean?


Gas re-supply strategy on the hexatrek

Even if there are petrol or wood burning systems, the majority of hikers use gas stoves for their multi-day hikes. Estimating the amount of fuel needed for a long hike is not always easy and finding the right cartridge for your burner in France can sometimes be murderous!


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