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HexaTrek - La randonnée longue distance de France

HexaTrek - The great long distance French Trek

Alors que les Etats-Unis ont le Pacific Crest Trail, que la Nouvelle-Zélande a le Te Araroa, il etait grand temps de donner à la France un parcours qui mette en valeur toute la beauté et la diversité de ses paysages !

Dans ce contexte, une équipe d’authentiques passionnés lancent l’HexaTrek en 2022 : la plus Grande Traversée de France, avec 3 000 km de sentiers à travers les montagnes !

Une formidable opportunité pour (re)découvrir notre pays autrement, en mode slow tourisme, tout en valorisant le territoire et la culture française à l’international.

An XXL trek through the most beautiful French mountains.

The HexaTrek embodies a different philosophy of life, an invitation to set off in search of wonder and breathtaking landscapes that are already there, majestic, just a stone's throw from home.

Following the mountain ridges, crossing the most beautiful valleys and stopping off in the most picturesque villages, the HexaTrek offers an immersion in nature to take the time to reconnect with oneself.

This incredible trail of 3034 km and 136,000m of difference in altitude links the most beautiful sites in the country, crossing the mountains from the Vosges to the Basque Country, passing of course through the Alps and the Pyrenees.

Below is a list of some of the most beautiful landscapes on the route: 

Before setting out on your journey, we advise you to consult the following articles: 

Useful links, info and hikes

Discussion group on Discord : 

To organize this first edition 2022, answer your questions and allow you to prepare to walk the hexatrek, we have created a discussion group on a platform called Discord.

👉 If you want to walk the HexaTrek in 2022, get information or find walking partners, click on this link DISCORD

1000+ hikers have already joined us on Discord and the community is growing 

Official mobile application of the route : 

The HexaTrek is also a mobile app specially designed to make this long distance walk accessible to both novices and regulars.

Available since May 1st 2022, this guide will allow you to visualize in a few clicks :

    The complete route available offline;

    Bivouac sites;

    Unguarded refuges and shelters;

    Water points;

    The places where you can replenish your supplies;

    The unmissable features of the route

To download it, simply go to the PLAY STORE or the APP STORE

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Discover the route in pictures, the most beautiful landscapes crossed are illustrated every day on our page


Press articles, advice on the trek or initiatives of the Hexatrek community, all our latest news are on our Facebook page


Club Vosgien is partner of the HexaTrek

Whether it's a simple bench, a picnic table, a shelter or even a refuge shawl, you will come across many facilities maintained by the Club Vosgien and their volunteers. Through their trails and their markings of a unique quality in France, you will discover the Vosges mountains and their historical and cultural wealth as well as their remarkable biodiversity.


Hexatrek - The French thru hiking trail

United States has the Pacific Crest Trail, New Zealand has the Te Araroa, it was time to give France a trail that would hike all the beauty and diversity of its landscapes! A team of true enthusiasts are launching the HexaTrek in 2022: 3,000 km of trails through the mountains!

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Gas re-supply strategy on the hexatrek

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