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Le Massif du Mont-Blanc

Hiking in the Chamonix Mont-Blanc valley

The Mont Blanc is undoubtedly the mythical summit of the Alps, but in this magnificent valley through which the Arves river flows, there is not only this mastodon which creates interest for hikers.

The Mont Blanc massif is also the temple of alipinism with all these needles that pierce the sky, these lakes nestled in the hollow of the rocks and glaciers as far as the eye can see.

The most beautiful landscapes of the Mont Blanc Massif

The Mont Blanc Massif is a group of mountains of 400 km² belonging to the Western Alps. They are located between the Val d'Aoste (Italy), Rhônes-Alpes (France) and Valais (Switzerland).

This region remains without doubt one of the most beautiful in the Alps and one of the most visited in the world.

We take you on the hexatrek and in pictures to the heart of this valley, but also to a few km as the crow flies where you can still admire its summits

Le Lac Blanc

Famous throughout the world thanks to the reflections of the Mont Blanc massif in its clear water, a vision just like a dream which you can wake up to on the spot, by spending a night bivouacking at the Lac des Cheserys.

The view of the glaciers and the most beautiful peaks of the Mont Blanc massif is breathtaking. 

In the morning you can see ibex or marmots enjoying the calm of the dawn.

The Aiguille Verte

The Aiguille Verte is THE mythical summit of the Mont Blanc massif. The famous mountaineer and writer Gaston Rébuffat contributed to this by saying of it: "Before the Aiguille Verte you are a mountaineer, at the Aiguille Verte you become a mountain man".

Of course on the hexatrek, it is not a question of making the ascent, but rather of admiring from the other side the sunsets on its slopes.

The aiguille du midi

The Aiguille du Midi, culminating at 3,842 metres, is an emblematic summit of the Alps.

A cable car station is located at the top of this one allowing those who want to discover what is hidden on the other side of the Mont Blanc massif, to discover it in less than 20 minutes of ascent.

Lake Emosson

The Vieux-Emosson lake is a dam lake located in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. The turquoise colours of this lake make it a must on the HexaTrek. 

On the HexaTrek trail, you will cross other magical places such as the Cheval Blanc or the Mont Buet

The cirque of Sixt-Fer-a-Cheval

IMMANQUABLE on the HexaTrek!

A little outside the Mont Blanc valley, the Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval cirque is named after the shape of its cliffs which form a semi-circle. 

It is a huge circus of two kilometres in diameter, overhung by imposing limestone cliffs from which numerous waterfalls gush out. 

It is an absolutely wonderful and impressive place.

Where to sleep in the Mont-blanc massif , the list of the best huts on the hexatrek

To all lovers of hiking and beautiful landscapes, we take you to discover the mythical refuges nestled in the heart of the Mont Blanc massif.

The quality of the refuges in this valley is as high as its scenery.

The Lac Blanc refuge

The Lac Blanc is one of the rare areas where nature has remained intact in the heart of the Aiguilles Rouges Nature Reserve. 

Bivouacking is not allowed here, but a little further down you will find a dedicated bivouac area near the cheserys lakes. 

If you want a little comfort and a panoramic terrace to admire the view, you are in the right place.

The Croix du Bonhomme refuge (FFCAM)

The refuge is located at 2443m, at the crossroads (the Croix du Bonhomme) of the TMB, the GR 5 and the Tour du Beaufortain, in the south of the Mont Blanc massif, facing the Beaufortain and the Vanoise. 

The view is very open, from the Haute Maurienne to the Chartreuse.

The Miage refuge

Refuge located at the foot of the Miage domes on the mytic itinerary of the Tour du Mont Blanc.

Far from the crowds, close to the summits, this place is a real haven of peace for the HexaTrek hikers.

The Loriaz refuge

This former mountain pasture in the heart of the Aiguilles Rouges massif offers an exceptional panorama of the famous Aiguille Verte and the Mont Blanc massif.


Club Vosgien is partner of the HexaTrek

Whether it's a simple bench, a picnic table, a shelter or even a refuge shawl, you will come across many facilities maintained by the Club Vosgien and their volunteers. Through their trails and their markings of a unique quality in France, you will discover the Vosges mountains and their historical and cultural wealth as well as their remarkable biodiversity.


Hexatrek - The French thru hiking trail

United States has the Pacific Crest Trail, New Zealand has the Te Araroa, it was time to give France a trail that would hike all the beauty and diversity of its landscapes! A team of true enthusiasts are launching the HexaTrek in 2022: 3,000 km of trails through the mountains!

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