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Parc National des Pyrénées

Hiking in the Pyrenees National Park

Of the nine French national parks, it is the most visited.
It is difficult to contain all the natural wonders of this high place in the Pyrenees in a short sentence.
The Garvarnie cirque, the Vignemale and its glacier, the Gaube lake or the Brèche Roland are some of the must-sees on the HexaTrek. A protected natural area, without barriers or fences, it is THE privileged territory of the isard and the marmot.

The most beautiful landscapes of the Pyrenees National Park

The park ensures the preservation of an exceptional biodiversity and allows the Hexatrek hikers to cross a protected and beautiful area.

The Hexatrek itinerary on this section is a gentle mix of the mythical HRP and the GR®10

Cirque de Gavarnie

A unesco World Heritage Site, a hiker's paradise where everyone can experience the power of nature.

With one of the highest waterfalls in Europe (427 metres) at its heart, this colossus of nature surrounded by sixteen peaks over 3,000 metres is stunningly beautiful

The Vignemalle

The highest point in the French Pyrenees, the Pique Longue du Vignemale, more commonly known as the "Vignemale", is a mythical summit that every Pyrenean hiker must climb at least once in their life. 

Its glacier and its particular shape make it a must-see in the hexatrek! 

Reserve of néouvielle

An original landscape of granite massifs and ridges, the Néouvielle Nature Reserve offers an elixir of Pyrenean wonders. The formula of this magical place is exhaustive between lakes, peaks and exceptional vegetation. Hundred-year-old hooked pines and the whistling of marmots permeate this place of fabulous escapades.

Pic du Midi d'ossau

In the Ossau valley, in the pastures or near a lake, your gaze falls on the Pic du Midi d'Ossau... isolated, grandiose from the top of its 2885 metres! 

In the valley, it is nicknamed Jean-Pierre, its characteristic tooth-shaped form distinguishes it from the other summits and attracts all eyes from the plain.

It overhangs and is reflected in the Ayous lakes.

Where to sleep in the Pyrenees National Park, the best refuges.

Bivouac sites are quite numerous in this part of the hexatrek, you will sometimes find adapted areas next to beautiful lakes or old shepherd's huts now used as shelters for hikers.

However, when you see the quality of the Pyrenean refuges, it will be difficult not to succumb to the temptation of a night of comfort!

The Ayous Refuge 

This refuge offers a moment of contemplation to admire the reflection of the Pic du Midi from the top of its 2884 m, in the pure waters of the lake, bathed by a low-angled light, the hexatrekeurs will find there a splendid site to discover this place out of time

The Oulettes de Gaubes Refuge (FFCAM)

A mountain stream and magnificent waterfall, a pretty plateau, footbridges in the middle of the herds and in the background, always present and just as majestic, the Vignemale Massif with its North face, its glaciers and... on its promontory, the Refuge.

The Breche Roland Refuge (FFCAM)

The refuge, culminating at an altitude of 2565 m, the Brèche de Roland - Les Sarradets refuge faces the legendary breach that Roland de Ronceveaux is said to have opened with his famous Durandal sword.

The breach is a real natural "door" cut into a 100 m high wall. It gives access to a mineral setting, to numerous "3000" as well as to the Ordesa National Park and its canyons

The Bastan Refuge

This is a far cry from the big refuges with dormitories for 100 people. 

On the edge of the Bastanet lakes, in the middle of the hooked pines, only a few hundred metres from the hexatrek route, the Bastan refuge offers a particularly rich natural heritage and exceptional landscapes.

You can benefit from a 50% discount on the FFCAM huts by becoming a member of the Alpine Club


Club Vosgien is partner of the HexaTrek

Whether it's a simple bench, a picnic table, a shelter or even a refuge shawl, you will come across many facilities maintained by the Club Vosgien and their volunteers. Through their trails and their markings of a unique quality in France, you will discover the Vosges mountains and their historical and cultural wealth as well as their remarkable biodiversity.


Hexatrek - The French thru hiking trail

United States has the Pacific Crest Trail, New Zealand has the Te Araroa, it was time to give France a trail that would hike all the beauty and diversity of its landscapes! A team of true enthusiasts are launching the HexaTrek in 2022: 3,000 km of trails through the mountains!

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